Scanning of documents A5 to A0+ on dedicated scanning lines

A paperless future?

With our scanning services, this is not a problem at all. With effective equipment and efficient processes, we digitize any type of paper document on our own in-house scanning lines. With our own high-tech machines, even sizes over A0+ and quantities > 1,000,000 are no problem for us.

Some advantages of a digital paper world:

  • Faster access processes
  • High availability in the company
  • Simultaneous access to documents
  • Decentralized management options
  • High data security
  • Lower administration costs
  • Process optimization through digital options
  • Integration into existing process structures of your company
  • Secure revision and history management for each document
  • Free text search even within documents


You can’t do it without consulting!

The step from the paper world into the digital document management world must be well considered and prepared. There are many processes and work structures that need to be considered and possibly even readjusted. There are also legally defined file formats for digital long-term archiving. So that you can enjoy a smooth start into the digital world of document management, we should have a conversation.

We look forward to meeting you.

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